Mint a penis.
Save a prostate.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to

In addition to being a prostate-saving hero, you'll join the PEN15 Club, granting you exclusive access to future NFT giveaways and more!

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Cost is 0.03 ETH per mint

How To Mint?

Connecting On PC: Ensure you have MetaMask installed on your browser and click the "Unlock Wallet".

Connecting On mobile: Download the MetaMask mobile app. Once installed, open the app and click the menu and visit the "Browser". In the top address bar, enter the website address: "" and confirm connecting to your address.

Once connected: You will then see a "Mint" button. Select the amount of NFT's you would like to mint and then click the button to submit. Confirm the transaction in Metamask and allow the transaction to process. Your NFT will be displayed in your wallet and viewable in NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.


What are Dickheads NFTs?
Dickheads is a collection of 6,969 adorable penis NFTs.
Tell me about the rarity of these penises
No two Dickheads are the same. The NFTs are mintable on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC721 token and each has six traits, with each trait having 20 varieties randomly generated, allowing each to be unique.
Where can I mint my Dickhead NFT?
Take a look at the "Minting Instructions" at the top of this page.
When was Dickheads launched?
NFT minting launched on August 21st 2021.
How much Dickhead NFTs are there?
There are in total 6969 unique Dickhead NFTs
How much does 1 Dickhead cost?
The cost to mint a Dickhead NFT is 0.03 ETH + gas fees
How many Dickhead NFTs can I mint with one time paying transaction fee?
You can mint up to 10 Dickhead NFTs in a single transaction.
Does my Dickhead show up in my wallet instantly?
Yes, your Dickhead graphic and attributes will be revealed on mint and visible in your wallet!
What is the contract address?
The contract address is: 0x933A98fAEa57F1D68FCda5a13e0506439264b3bF
Do owners have commercial rights?
Yes, You have 100% your commercial rights.
What will happen after we hit 100% minted?
After Dickheads are fully minted they will be tradable on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. View our roadmap to see all the additional goodies that come with each minting milestone!
What charity is Dickheads donating to?
Once minting is complete, Dickheads will be donating 10% of all proceeds to
Are there any royalties?
No there are no royalties from Dickheads when you sell your NFT. There may be royalties or fees from the marketplace platform you desire to trade on (ie: OpenSea).
I minted a Dickhead, now what?
Welcome to the PEN15 club! Come join our community on Discord